Session Formats

The sessions at this high-level Congress will provide a mixture


Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative!


Question and answer sessions will follow key-note speeches and/or panel discussions

Debate oriented

Panel discussions followed by Q and As will ensure that all attendees will have the opportunity to enter into the debates, being pro-active rather than passive

Think-tank oriented

Top healthcare think-tanks from across Europe (either Brussels-based or from individual Member States) will have considerable input into the Congress


The highest-level experts in their fields will give key-note speeches and/or take part in panel discussions, and be available for Q and As

Academia led

Academic papers, presented by leading researchers in the field of personalised medicine, will be presented and available for comments/questions at the Congress

Politician led

Politicians from the European Commission, the European Parliament and individual Member States will either deliver key-note speeches or take part in panel discussions (often both)

Policy led

Legislators, policy-makers and decision-makers from the EU institutions and Member States’ governments/healthcare systems will be on hand at the Congress, to speak and answer questions

Multi-level Interaction

The Congress will play host to influential speakers and panellists from international, national and regional arenas, to allow for all possible personalised medicine perspectives to be heard and debated

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