European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Belfast 2017


Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative!

Note: Additional speakers will be added as the sessions are developed over the next months.

Olivier Arnaud

European Director of Research, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Ian Banks

EMHF President – Visiting Professor in Men’s Health, University of Ulster UK

Dan Bradley

Head of Molecular Population Genetics Lab, Trinity College Dublin

David Byrne

Former European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection and Co-Chair EAPM, Belgium

Gianpiero Cavalleri

Associate Professor in Human Genetics and Deputy Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Stephen Chanock

Chief of DCEG’s Laboratory of Translational Genomics and Director of the NCI Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory

Stuart Elborn

Professor, Queen’s University Belfast

Chris Elliot

Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, Queen’s University

John Greally

Professor, Department of Genetics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Stanimir Hasardzhiev

Chairperson of the Bulgarian National Patients’ Organization

Eimear Kenny

Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genome Science

Gordon McVie

Senior Consultant at European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy Director at Cancer Intelligence Ltd

Walter Ricciardi

President Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Peter Selby

President, ECC

Lilian Sui

Cancer Clinical Research Unit (CCRU), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

David Waugh

Director of the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Gabriella Pravettoni

Director, Applied Research Unit for Cognitive and Psychological Science (IEO)

Chris Fearne

Maltese Minister for Health, Malta

Gunter Danner

Director, German Social Insurance

Francesco De Lorenzo

President, European Cancer Patient Coalition

Francoise Meunier

Vice-President Federation of European Academies of Medicine

Mihaela Militaru

Senior Director – Patient Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships, Merck

David Nutt

President – European Brain Council

Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska

Department of Economics and Innovation Jagiellonian University

Sascha Kress

Senior Client Partner & Strategic Alliance Lead, Life-Science-Pharma, Huawei

Stefania Vallone

President, Lung Cancer Europe (LUCE)

Ludi Schlageter

Vice President Government Affairs and Policy is the Head of the Siemens Healthineers

Mark Lawler

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Lydia Mutsch

Minister of Health, Luxembourg

Cristian Silviu Busoi

Member of the European Parliament, Belgium

Gordon McVie

Co-Chair EAPM, Belgium

Carlos Moedas

Commissioner, DG Research, Science and Innovatio, Belgium

Desmond Schatz

School of Medicine University of Florida, USA

Kim Stratton

Head International Commercial, Switzerland

Denis lacombe

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Belgium

Chris Round

Head of EMEA Region for Biopharma Global Commercial Operations, United Kingdom

Lorraine Nolan

Health Products Regulatory Authority, Ireland

Mary Baker

Former President European Brain Council, Belgium

David Waugh

Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, United Kingdom

Ulrich Jäger

University of Vienna, Austria

Richard Barker

University College London, United Kingdom

Gianni D’Errico

Regional Foundation for the Biomedical Research, Italy

Michael Paul Messenger

Leeds Institute of Cancer & Pathology, United Kingdom

Owen Sansom

Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, United Kingdom

Giovanni Esposito

European Brain Council, Belgium

Michela Tinelli

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Patrice Boyer

European Psychiatric Association, France

Maartenn I Jzerman

University of Twente, Netherlands

Christine Chomienne

Institut National du Cancer, France

Magda Chlebus

Director Science Policy, Belgium

Vineet Datta

Datar Genetics Limited, India

Luis Mendao

Chair of the the Board of GAT, france

Geoff Hall

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Bethany Skinkins

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Paolo Mocarelli

Scientific Director of “don Gnocchi Foundation”, Italy

Sergio Abrignani

Scientific Director Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolare, Italy

Torsten Haferlach

Munich Leukemia Laboratory, Germany

Anita MacDonalds

Birmingham Children’s Hospital, United Kingdom

Anton Hagenbeek

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Luca del Gobbo

Regional Ministry University, Italy

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of Estonia, Estonia

Alastair Kent

Genetic Alliance, United Kingdom

Sue Hill

NHS England, United Kingdom

Sir John Chrisholm

Genomics England, United Kingdom

Mark Caulfield

Genomics England, United Kingdom

Ian Young

Social Services and Public Safety, United Kingdom

Nathalie Moll

Director General, EFPIA, Belgium

Peter Hongaard Anderson

Innovation Fund, Denmark

Atul Gawande

Harvard T.H. Chan School of public health, USA

Richard Baker

University of Oxford/University of London, United Kingdom

Koen Kas

University of Kent, Belgium

Alaxander Eggermont

Institute Gustave Roussy, France

Mike Thompson

Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries, United Kingdom

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of Estonia, Estonia

Julia Wilson

Welcome Trust Sanger Centre Cambridge UK and Global Aliances for Genomics and Health, United Kingdom

Ewan Birney

Cambridge UK and Chair Global Aliance for Genomics and Health, United Kingdom

Andrew Morris

Director Health Data Research, United Kingdom

Margaret Grayson

Chair Northern Ireland Cancer Research Consumer Forum, United Kingdom

Ain Aaviksoo

Ministry of Social Affair, Estonia

Ernst Hafen

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Pascal Garel

Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), Belgium

John Milne

National Institue for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), Ireland

Everson Nogoceke

Roche Pharma Research & Early Development, Switzerland

Thomas Keane

EVA and Archive Infrastructure EMBL-EBI

Eva Weinreich-Jensen

HOPE & Senior Advisor, Denmark

Killian O’Driscoll

Director of Projects at NIBRT, Ireland

John F. Cryan

University College Cork, Ireland

Carel Hoyng

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Netherlands

Torsten Schwede

University of Basel, Switzerland

Owen Smith

Ireland East Hospital Group, Ireland

Golam Khandaker

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Caroline Klaver

Erasmus MC & Radboud UMC, Netherlands

Sarion Bowers

Policy Lead Sanger Institute

Manuel Salto-Tellez

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

Imre Lengyel

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

Jeff Barrett

Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation, United Kingdom

Stephen McMahon

Chairman and Co-Founder of the Irish Patients Association (IPA), Ireland

Alan Stitt

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

Anne-Marie Cairns

Optos Halbeath, United Kingdom

Sir Harpal Kumar

Cancer Research UK, United Kingdom

Mairead O’Driscoll

Health Research Board of Ireland, Ireland

Alberto Bardelli

European Association for Cancer Research, Italy

Sue Hager

Foundation Medicine Inc USA

Gennaro Ciliberto

Instituto Nazionale Tumori “Regina Elena”, Italy

William Gallagher

University College Dublin, Ireland

Shane McKee

Director Northern Ireland Genomics Medicine Centre, United Kingdom

Gianpiero Cavalleri

Royal Collge of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

John Field

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Andrew Biankin

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Michael J. Duffy

University College Dublin, Ireland

Johan den Dunnen

Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands

Slave Petrovski

University of Melbourne, Austrailia

Yolande Lievens

European Society for Radiology and Oncology, Belgium

Ali Stunt

Founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action

Ivana Sestak

Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Sally John

Biogen Cambridge, USA

Mary Fitzsimons

Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

Antoni Montserrat

European Commission, Belgium

Lydia Makaroff


Fergus Couch

Mayo Clinic, USA

Nadeem Sarwar

Eisai AiM Institute, USA

Norman Delanty

Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

Norman Delanty

Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

Matthias Lohr

Karolinksa Institutet, Sweden

Alric Rüther

Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, Germany

Anna Middleton

Society and Ethics Research Wellcome Genome Campus, United Kingdom

Mina Gaga

European Respiratory Society, Greece

Alfredo Carrato

Institution Ramon y Cajal University Hospital, Spain

Lucas C. Heukamp

NEO New Oncology AG

Oudkerk Matthijs

Scientific Director Centre for Medical Imaging

Nuria Malats

Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain

Carin Smand

Managing Director, EHA

Paul Biagioni


Maurice O’Kane


Fionnula Doyle

VP & Global Head Policy of Oncology USA

Carin Smand

Managing Director, EHA

Yann Le Cam

Chief Executive Officer of EURORDIS

Richard Sullivan

King’s College London United Kingdom

Patrick Donnelly

South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust United Kingdom

Anders Olauson

United Nations, USA

Marius Gaenta

Center for Innovation in Medicine, Romania

Vivien Coates

Ulster University, United Kingdom

Maria Luisa Silva

Director of United Nations Development Program, Switzerland

Jana Pelouchova

European Cancer Patient Coalition

Peter Maxwell

Queen’s University, United Kingdom

Ana Rath

Orphanet France

Neil Morgan

Consultant Nephrologist, United Kingdom

Arnie Purushotham

King’s College London United Kingdom

Peter Meeus

Head of Region Europe, Shire

Florin Buicu

Romanian Parliament, Romania

Beata Jagielska

CardioOncology and Palliative Care Poland

Paul Workman

The Institute of Cancer Research, United Kingdom

Ken Mastris

Europa Uomo

Tony Bjourson

Ulster University, United Kingdom

Tunde Peto

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

Taavi Rõivas

former Prime Minister of Estonia, Estonia

Vytenis Andriukaitis

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Belgium

Etienne Richter

CIHR Institute of Genetics, Canada

Tom Lillie

Head of European Clinicial Development MSD United Kingdom

Lisa Wilde

Director of Research and External Affairs, Bowel Cancer, United Kingdom

Jonathan Truelove

International, Genomic Health, Switzerland

Tit Albreht

Institute of Public Health, Solvenia

Tom Lillie

Head of European Clinicial Development MSD United Kingdom

Fabian Calvo

Cancer Core Europe, France

Tim Maughan

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Sheila Walcoff

Goldbug Strategies, USA

Zlatko Trajanoski

Innsbruck Medical University

Sebastian Schmidt

Siemens Healthineers

Denis Claude Roy

Hospital MaisonneuveRosemont Canada

Joshua Hordern

University of Oxford United Kingdom

Stephen Lee

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, United Kingdom

Sergio Quezada

UCL Cancer Institute, United Kingdom

Marc Van Den Bulcke

OD Public Health and Surveillance Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium

Marco Marra

Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, Canada

Sue Spencer

Head of Global Medical Device Services, United Kingdom

Ugur Sahin

co-founder and CEO of BioNTech AG, Germany

Ahti Anttila

Research Director of the Mass Screening Registry of the Finnish Cancer Registry

Alison Hall

Head of Humanities, PHG Foundation United Kingdom

Vincent Houdry

Unit Health Technology and Cosmetics

Ton Schumacher

Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands

Michel Coleman

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom

Liz Morrell

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Stephan Scherer

VP Global Head Correlative Science

Dr Claudia Ferrari

The French National Cancer Institute, France

Rob Home

Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation, United Kingdom

Armin Ritzhaupt

European Medicines Agency

Mary Harney

Former Minister for Health and Deputy Prime Minister, Ireland

Francoise Meunier

Federation of European Academies of Medicine, Belgium

Karen Knudson

Thomas Jefferson University USA

Sue Hager

Foundation Medicine Inc USA

Walter Ricciardi

Instituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy

J Stuart Elborn

London and Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Lorraine Martin

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Eimear Kenny

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA

Joe McHugh

Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development

Walter Kolch

University College Dublin Ireland

Nina Renshaw

European Public Health Alliance

Holger Moch

University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

John Greally

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Dan Longley

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

Derick Mitchell

IPPOSI, Ireland

Mark Higgins

Vertex, USA

Dan Bradley

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Jochen Prehn

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

Frank Kee

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Kristine Sørensen

Founder, Global Health Literacy Academy, Netherlands

Kaisa Immonen

European Patient Forum

Michelle Francis Naylor

United Kingdom

Geoffrey Henning

EuropaColon, Belgium

Tõnu Esko

University of Tartu, Estonia

Janet Allen

Cystic Fibrosis Trust, United Kingdom

Karen Benn

Europa Donna

Tito Fojo

Columbia University, USA

Virginia Acha

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, United Kingdom

Pierre Meulien

Innovation Medicines Initiative

Kaja Kallas

Member of the European Parliament

Kathy Olivero

International Brain Tumor Alliance

Simon Hollingsworth

AstraZeneca, United Kingdom

Philip Beer

Cure Forward Corp, United Kingdom

Brian O’Connor

European Connected Health Alliance

Christopher Elliot

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Kenneth Fleming

Centre for Global Health NCI, USA

Richard Kennedy

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Jim McLaughlin OBE

University of Ulster Northern, Ireland

Moira Dean

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Darren Hodgson

AstraZeneca, United Kingdom

Dr Mike Scott

Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre, Northern Ireland

Alice Stanton

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

Matt Squires

Executive Director Oncology Precision Medicine Novartis, Switzerland

George Crooks OBE

Digital Health & Care Institute, Scotland

Sue Horton

University of Waterloo, Canada

AKrishna Prasad


Robert Hemmings


Louis Garrison

International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, USA

Juergen Scheuenpflug

Global Head Clinical Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics

Urve Palo

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Estonia

Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea

Vice President en Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi), Spain

Maura O’Donovan

Health Products Regulatory Authority, Ireland

Peter Kapitein

Inspire2Live, Netherlands

Hendrik Van Poppel

European Association of Urology

Olivier Arnaud

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

David Barton

National Centre for Medicial Genetics Crumlin /em>

Mario Pazzagli

University of Florence, Italy

Lou Garrison

University of Washington, USA

Nicolas Mottet

Université Jean Monnet, France

Colin Dayan

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Clare Hague

Celgene, Ireland

Rodolfo Montironi

EAU Section of Uropathology, Italy

Andrew Winterbottom

Treasurer of ECPC and Director of Fight Bladder Cancer, United Kingdom

Carole Longson

National Institute for Health Care & Excellence, United Kingdom

Thorsten Bach

European Association of Urology

Stephen Halloran

University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Thomas Danne

M.D., Diabetes Centre for Children and Adolescents, Hannover, Germany

Martin Crockard

Randox Laboratories Ltd, United Kingdom

Hans-Georg Eichier

European Medicines Agency, United Kingdom

Simon Patton

European Molecular Genetics Quality Network

Lars Pedersen

Aarhus University, Denmark

Gillian Docherty

The Data Lab

Jevgeni Ossinovski

Minister of Health, Estonia

Alojz Peterle

Member of the European Parliament, Belgium

Stephen Friend

Leader Health Team, Apple Inc.

Stanimir Hasurdjiev

Secretary-General of the Patient Access Partnership


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