Why attend the Congress?

European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Belfast 2017


Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative!

Thinking about why you should attend EAPM Congress, 2017?

Over 750 Life Sciences Thought Leaders will convene in the EAPM Congress, 2017

The annual life sciences event will bring together key audiences who contribute to the vast content and knowledge exchange. Don’t miss the opportunity to join over 750 industry professionals, government regulators, patients, academia, and exhibitors to drive insights to action.

EAPM Congress is a neutral, membership organization providing thought leadership content and a global platform for health care product development and knowledge exchange designed to drive change and improve outcomes.

Europe needs to grasp the fact that health equals wealth and that investment in research and innovation, alongside laws and rules that are fit-for-purpose and reflect the swiftly changing world of medicine, are vital.

EAPM is driving forward the concept of personalised medicine in Europe and beyond, as set out in its ongoing STEPs campaign, as well as its SMART Outreach programme, and is working tirelessly to reach the goal of ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’.

Below are several good reasons why you should attend:

  • Multistakeholder driven Congress with patients at the center
  • An opportunity to learn more the scientific, research and policy development in personalised medicine, its huge potential and how it can change the lives of millions of patients for the better
  • The chance to hear the opinions of experts first hand and engage with European, national and regional pliticians, as well as respond to and pose questions on the day
  • The chance to understand how an integrated, coherent, cost-effective and cohesive health strategy will impact on systems and the standard of care in individual Member States
  • The valuable opportunity to see into the minds of other stakeholders, understand their issues and find out what they really feel they need from you
  • An excellent chance to network with (and be interviewed by) health journalists. Also, to meet industry leaders, cutting-edge scientists and all other personalised medicine stakeholders from across the EU

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